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Today PlaysjailBreak.Com discussing five advantages of jailbreaking Sony’s Playstation 3. The term jailbreaking is a household term these days thanks to the iPhone’s popularity and the number of people in jailbreak community actively working on it. However, jailbreaking a PS3 may be whole lot different than jailbreaking an iOS device. We’ve tried to shed some light on this after the break.

Jailbreaking PS3

When we say jailbreaking a PS3 is different from jailbreaking an iPhone what we really mean is that unlike iPhone some PS3 services may get disabled and some new services enabled. Whereas on the iPhone once jailbroken you can not only use all previous services and features but add new ones. And we’re talking more than just the ability to play pirated games on PS3 without paying for them.

If this is the first time you are reading about jailbreaking your PS3 you might feel a little lost, but as you reach the end of this post you know for sure depending on your needs, whether or not you want or need to jailbreak your PS3.


Advantages of Jailbreaking PS3

1. Play MKV Videos

No one needs to be told why we want the ability to play MKV Videos. This is the best video format I have known. You can download same quality MKV rips from the internet at half the file size of its AVI counterpart.


The latest release of Multiman Software has an app called Showtime which lets you play even 1080p HD MKV videos from both internal and external hard drives. No need to reconvert MKVs before playing it on PS3 now. That saves us so many hours of work already.

2. Ability to Backup Games for Disk-less Play

Wouldn’t it be so great if you could backup that BD game disc you purchased before it gained enough scratches to render it unplayable. There are numerous advantages of having the ability to backup PS3 games. Firstly your game is safe and you don’t have to be paranoid when lending the disc to a friend. The game stored on hard drive loads faster than when loading from disc and there is no noise from optical drive in the first case.


Imagine another scenario where you have one console in your living room and another in your bedroom. Now you can play your game of Call of Duty: Black Ops on any console without carrying the disc to the respective console everytime. You aren’t exactly doing anything illegal here since you are only playing backup games on one console at a time.

3. Game Cheats and Mods

So you have finished the whole game campaign playing fair against the enemies and you’re bored now. On a jailbroken PS3 you can download and apply cheat codes and other interesting mods to your games. God mode, unlimited ammo, anti gravity are only a few of the many fun things you can have. Try these on the Zombies in Black Ops anyone?

4. Playing Pirated Games

This bit is not the ideal thing to do but there is a fair amount of folks out there playing pirated games for a whole host of reasons. Doesn’t this remind you of Installous for iPhone? There a lot of games without demos. Folks download a pirated copy to see if it is worth the buck or not. And there are others who never pay the developers anything ever.

Bottom line is that you can jailbreak PS3 to play pirated games without paying a dime but that’s same as stealing someone’s burger. Support the developers for their hard work.

5. Run Other Software

Be it for fun or development purposes, you can install other software and applications too like Linux. A lot of people have successfully installed Ubuntu on their PS3. Doesn’t sound fun? You can also play a lot of wonderful Homebrew games like Minesweeper, Sudoku etc.

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